ADB SAFEGATE delivers safer routing and guidance with innovative, intelligent taxiway light

PRESS RELEASE. ADB SAFEGATE is showcasing its RELIANCE Red/Green Taxiway Centerline Light at inter airport Europe 2019. Based on the RELIANCE modular approach and the company’s unique IQ intelligent lighting platform, the light comes in a configuration never seen before for airfield lights. The light output switches between red and green, and serves the dual function of a taxiway centerline light and a stop bar, to support safer routing and guidance.

Red/Green Taxiway Centerline Light as part of its RELIANCE intelligent airfield portfolio
“Rising air traffic, greater operational complexity and shorter maintenance windows are driving the need for more advanced airfield concepts that manage higher traffic volumes both safely and efficiently,” said Christian Onselaere, CEO, ADB SAFEGATE. “We’re seeing the evolution of the intelligent airfield, where lights can be individually monitored and switched on and off. Soon, operational concepts such as floating guidance that involve complex system interactions will no longer be an exception but the norm.”

Several large airports are implementing floating guidance to guide aircraft to their destinations. The route is indicated by three green taxiway centerline lights preceding the aircraft. Currently, pilots are expected to stop in the absence of green lights i.e. a “black hole”. The new product functions as a green taxiway centerline light, and when the output is switched to red, it acts like a stop bar, giving the pilots a clear indication to stop. Alternating between red and green displays, the ATC controllers can guide the aircraft on when to stop or proceed. Removing such ambiguity adds a layer of safety, via floating guidance, for safe and efficient sequencing.

This setup also eliminates the need for installing stop bars at taxiway intersections which are traditionally considered hotspots. Many airports choose to install extra stop bars at these intersections to increase safety. This requires additional light fixtures and circuits, and is not only costly, but is also a time intensive option.

Safer and more efficient routing and guidance
The RELIANCE portfolio’s modular approach, and unique integrated IQ intelligence (internal ILCMS remote technology), are key components of this offering and enable ADB SAFEGATE to deliver this industry-first. Together with the RELIANCE Individual Light Control and Monitoring System (ILCMS), the light supports safer and more efficient routing and guidance.

ADB SAFEGATE’s RELIANCE Red/Green taxiway centerline light will be commercially available in 2020.
The light is on display at inter airport Europe – Booth 1320, Hall B5.

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