NEW MOVIE. When the airport industry is changing at a fast pace, Safegate and ADB Airfield are joining  forces  to form  – ADB Safegate –  to help airports all over the globe to meet challenges and seize opportunities with the growing demand for airport traffic. With joint knowledge and experience from the airfield, the gate and the tower we offer an operational view and unique integrated solutions to optimise airport performance. We welcome you on a journey together towards the future. Check in and check out the new ADB Safegate movie!

The airport industry is changing at warp speed
Airport traffic has been doubling every 15 years since the seventies and most experts believe it will double again in the next 15 years. The exponential growth of air traffic is the biggest challenge for all airports in the coming years. If nothing is done by 2035, airports will be unable to meet 12% of the passenger demands. This calls for immediate action. At the same time increasing air traffic means great opportunities. The airports that can improve their capacity without physical expansion are the winners.

New ways needed to meet growing air traffic
The traditional way to meet increasing air traffic demand is investing money in new runways and terminal buildings. This takes time, is costly and sometimes even impossible due to geographical
and environmental restrictions. The key is to unlock your hidden capacity within your existing infrastructure. To get the different parts of your airport’s operations communicating with each other in a more efficient way. To optimize the systems and flows, hence generating higher performance and throughput.
Operational view to optimise airport performance
Helping you seize the opportunities with the increase in air traffic is the main reason behind ADB Group and Safegate Group joining forces. Together we have the experience and knowledge necessary to view the airport as one operational entity with many parts tied together by the aircraft movements, from arrival to departure. We can help you optimize your systems, infrastructure, procedures, personnel and the communication between all of them. We can assist you with a more innovative approach and new integrated solutions both at the airfield, tower and gate area.
TOGETHER we have the experience, the  knowledge and the muscles to help airports seize opportunities in a changing and often challenging environment.