Roy Bolwede, key presentation at Dubai Airport Show 2016

DUBAI AIRPORT SHOW 2016. The aviation world is preparing for one of the largest annual airport events. More than 300 leading global companies and 7,500 visitors are expected to attend at the 16th edition of the Dubai Airport Show 2016 which will be held from May 9 to 11 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre (DICEC). ADB Safegate’ s Airport & ATM Expert, Roy Bolwede will be there to present unconventional ways to beat airport capacity crunch.

Presenting at the Innovation Podium
Roy Bolwede, GM Airport & ATM Operations Solutions, ADB Safegate, will be one of the speakers at The Innovation Podium at Dubai Airport Show. This is a series of seminars and workshops about what’s new and relevant to the airport industry, and is being organized in parallel with the exhibition.

Roy has over 25 years of experience in Airport and ATM operations. For the last eight years he has focused on supporting airport and ATM integration globally. At the Dubai Airport Show, Roy will share his experience from the industry where airport operators globally are learning how to manage strong passenger growth figures. “How will airport providers in the Middle East be able to accommodate growth and remain profitable? With passenger numbers set to double in the next 15 years, the solution will not be to continue expanding airports”, Roy says. “There are other ways to grow airport performance”.

Airport Performance Accelerated
With real life examples Roy will illustrate – how airports can increase capacity by revisiting their operational set up. He will present innovative solutions and introduce Airport Performance Accelerated which in 5 steps illustrates how Airport Operators can benefit from a new view on increasing airport capacity without unnecessary investments.

Watch Roy Bolwede deliver one of the key presentations at 2016 Innovation Podium at Dubai Airport Show.

About?     Capacity Crunch, Why Airport Expansion Is Not the Answer to Passenger Growth

When?      May 9, 15:15 – 15:45

Where?     The Innovation Podium at Dubai Airport Show

Who?      Roy Bolwede has over 25 years of experience in Airport and ATM operations.
For the last 8 years his work has been focused on supporting airport and ATM integration.

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