CELEBRATION. For 20 years ADB SAFEGATE have had the pleasure of providing airlines at London Heathrow (LHR) with innovative baggage management solutions (AS-TRAK). ADB SAFEGATE would like to thank the members of the airline community of LHR for their productive collaboration throughout this incredible journey as we look forward to many more mutually beneficial adventures.

Together we met the challenges of this ever growing mega airport

Key to the success of the operation at LHR has been ADB SAFEGATE’s ability to understand operationally critical airport/airline systems and to interface with these systems, which include:

  • Departure control systems using IATA 1745 standards
  • Handling and sortation systems including robotics
  • Bag message distribution system
  • Local airport message distribution systems (IB/ESB)
  • Flight Information Display Systems & airport operational databases
  • Common use check-in system
  • Boarding gate information
  • SITA WorldTracer

In 2019 alone, AS-TRAK handled approximately 33 million bags at LHR belonging to 85 airlines across all four operational terminals. During this journey, ADB SAFEGATE has provided the infrastructure to support 900 scanners operating across all baggage facilities including remote stands. Today, 350 dedicated management workstations are deployed throughout LHR including browser-based connectivity for operational areas and back offices.

London Heathrow and ADB SAFEGATE 20 years

A special thank you to Mark Walker for visiting the ADB SAFEGATE booth at PTE in Paris to celebrate the moment. Thank you to all “colleagues” at London Heathrow for the support and we looking forward to continuing our collaboration.

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