IATA and ADB SAFEGATE airport Systems

ADB SAFEGATE Airport Systems and International Air Transport Association (IATA) celebrate that we reached a milestone  – 25 years of Strategic Partnership. We support the aviation industry especially in these challenging times and we would like to thank our customers, partners and colleagues for the past 25 years and look forward to the future together.

What has this strategic partnership meant for Airport systems? For our customers?
A strategic partner since the 90’s, Airport Systems has worked closely with IATA to help shape air transport industry best practise and governance. Participating in IATA’s working groups has allowed us to gain advanced notice of impending changes and provides the ability for us to help formulate and influence the direction of baggage initiatives. Our customers benefit by having IATA compliant products in a timely fashion and also from a team of people with industry knowledge at the forefront of baggage Systems development.

IATA and ADB SAFEGATE Airport Systems 25 years

Airport Systems and International Air Transport Association (IATA) celebrate that we reached a milestone – 25 years of Strategic Partnership.

The  expectations for the coming years
New technologically solutions are becoming available to the industry at a significant rate. For example, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions are maturing and are on the cusp of being rolled out in significant ways. This necessitates new procedures, processes and governance. The same is true of new screening equipment which will open new options for airports to handle baggage in a safe and efficient manner.

IATA has recognised that the implications of the current virus situation will change the direction of the industry for many years. Through the Strategic Partnership program, IATA and suppliers will work collaboratively to implement new process, procedures and to implement new technology to this fast changing industry.

ADB SAFEGATE provides integrated solutions that raise efficiency, improve safety, boost environmental sustainability and reduce operational costs for airports, airlines and ANSPs. The company works with airports and airlines to solve operational bottlenecks from approach to departure. Solutions encompass airfield lighting, tower-based traffic control systems, intelligent docking automation and services, as well as applying advanced IT and analytics to deliver industry-leading Total Airport Management. For more information about ADB SAFEGATE, please visit our website at adbsafegate.com.

Global Sales & Marketing Director ADB SAFEGATE Airport Systems