Lahore International Airport

LAHORE, PAKISTAN. Just in time for the upcoming foggy winter season when normally around 1000 flights are affected by diversions and delay, Lahore Allama Iqbal International Airport is being weather proofed in a project that will increase capacity by five times during low visibility. The project will be done in only 12 months’ time, and key to the fast execution is a holistic view on the airport’s expansion, and an airport knowledgeable enough to think outside the box.

Foggy winter seasons will no longer hinder airport traffic expansion in Lahore
A boom in business and residential growth in the city of Lahore puts high demand on Lahore Airport, who are experiencing a 5% yearly increase in traffic. But every winter season, foggy weather affects flight operations and challenges expansion plans. Flight operations are disrupted and in severe conditions can shut down the airport for all aircraft. This causes problems and creates costs for the airport and airlines, and creates inconvenience for passengers.

A holistic view of airport speeds up the upgrade expansion project
Most airport projects take years of planning followed by years of design before actual implementation can start. An upgrade process can easily take as long as 5-10 years. “But there is another way of doing it,” Henrik Linderberth, Managing Director at Safegate Middle East, says.

At Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore we will do the weather proofing together with the airport in exactly one year. The airport is using their knowledge and experience to buy 25 more movements an hour, rather that approaching the project in the more traditional way of ordering each specific part separately. This means that working together, we have the ability to address various stakeholders in parallel, allowing for faster project execution. Safegate have worked with gate, airfield and the tower for more than 40 years now, and with that experience we can avoid suboptimization and instead view airport operations as one production line. With cross functional operation and all areas of the airport sharing the same goal, things can start to move much faster.

Lahore Airport and Safegate Group to work together on airport expansion project

Lahore Airport and Safegate Group to work together on airport expansion project

From only 5 to 25 aircraft movements per hour during all weather conditions
The upgrade project started in July this year is being executed in two steps, where the first part is focusing on keeping the airport open and operational during all weather conditions with at least 5 movements per hour. When the second part of the project is completed in May 2016, the airport will be able to maintain 25 aircraft movements in all weather conditions.

Lahore Airport will be equipped with latest operational concepts and systems to secure capacity independence of weather conditions, and landings will be available down to 50 meters visibility. Lahore can continue to grow its traffic and airlines using the airport will save on costs. Most importantly, passengers will have an improved experience at Lahore Airport when saved from the inconvenience of diversions and delays. Business meetings, vacations, Pilgrim journeys – and life – can go on as planned, in spite of fog and low visibility.  

For more information contact:
Henrik Linderberth
Managing Director at Safegate Middle East


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