Estonian Air Navigation Services (EANS) have chosen to continue their close cooperation with ADB SAFEGATE. The upcoming project will expand on their tower solutions with the installment of the DMAN Departure Management Solution, part of the SafeControl ATM Suite.

Tallinn Lennart Meri International Airport will start a major infrastructure improvement program to increase its capability of serving large passenger aircraft. To mitigate the environmental impact of increased noise levels, the runway will be extended, displacing the threshold to allow aircraft to pass higher above the city. The civil works for implementing this development are scheduled to start in late 2015. Such significant infrastructure development requires close coordination between the airport and ATC to ensure safe operation whilst still meeting Tallinn’s traffic demands during the works period.

The DMAN Departure Management Solution from the SafeControl ATM Suite will support the coordination process by enabling all stakeholders to exchange relevant data about planned traffic in an efficient and collaborative manner. Traffic information will be integrated into the existing Electronic Strip and the Airport AODB solutions.

This is considered an important initial step towards an Airport- CDM based environment in the near future. Previously, Vienna International Airport was the first Airport to use the Departure Management Solution from the SafeControl ATM Suite on the way to receiving the status of being a Eurocontrol A-CDM ready Airport.

Tallinn has worked together with ADB SAFEGATE since the 1990s, with a full ADB SAFEGATE product range in operation ensuring safety and efficiency. With a common seamless platform for gate, tower and airfield, Tallinn is well supported and prepared for taking the next step in capacity increase in the future that could be done via flexible and dynamic routing (Follow the Greens).

Tallinn Lennart Meri International Airport is an example of how viewing an airport as one integrated system can maximize predictability and guarantee a continuous flow of traffic during peak traffic periods. Improved efficiency and reduced fuel use and emissions are added benefits to this upgrade project.

Written by Alexander Terbu, ADB SAFEGATE, February 2015

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