Safegate buildning in Malmö, Sweden

MALMÖ, SWEDEN. Have you heard about the Safegate Effect? Or more accurately, have you seen it? A few months ago, Safegate Group released a new movie with that same name. Since then, it has been viewed more than 30,000 times and gained positive feedback not only from the airport industry, but also from more unexpected directions, including the motion film industry and creatives. At Safegate we are  happy to see the viral effect of The Safegate Effect.

Airport Traffic Expansion

Safegate Group has been an actor in the airport industry for more than 40 years. During this time, the global population has doubled and airport traffic has doubled every 15 years. The constantly growing demand for air traffic is nothing new in itself, but the airport industry have come to a point where the historically most commonly used solution – to expand by building new infrastructure and using more land for terminal and runway expansion – can no longer be the only way forward. Many big airports, in Europe for example, are now geographically “built in” with no remaining land to expand. The good thing is that existing airport infrastructure can most often be used in a more efficient way. How? By doing more with the infrastructure already there.

Why tell this story of Safegate and our role in Airport Traffic Expansion?

The transformation journey happening in aviation is complex, but it is a story that is vital to be told in a way that is fast and easy for everyone to access. The Swedish movie production company, Upper First, helped us to visualize the industry change that effects us all, either as professionals in the industry, or as passengers and world travellers.

Our goal was to reach out with a more human perspective in an industry often very technical and rational. Upper First helped us to express our technical and complex solutions in a humanistic way.  We think the movie managed to nail the Safegate story and put the human voice behind it. Along the way the movie has been receiving positive feedback from both the aviation and the creative industry;  “Motionographer“, Abduzeedo.

What do you think?


At Safegate, we help airports focus on efficiency, giving them ability to do more with the infrastructure they already have. Together with our partners at the airport, we find limitationg factors and ways to work around them. We find the most suitable procedures to maximise the number of take-offs and landings per hour, in the safest and most efficient way. Sometimes t is about making the airport weather independent, not having to close down operations during bad weather conditions. In the other situations it´s about achieving the most efficient turnaround processes. It is always about viewing the airport as one operational system and letting the different parts of the airport work together and increasing airport performance, from approach to departure. The result is throughput, but we call it The Safegate effect.