ADB SAFEGATE Integrated Tower Working position

ADB SAFEGATE is presenting integrated tower solutions at the World ATM Congress in Madrid from March 7 – 9.  Tower solutions are an integral part of the Airport Performance strategy that extends across four domains – Gate, Tower, Airfield and Services. ADB SAFEGATE’s latest solution, the Integrated Controller Working Position (CWP), is showcased at the event.

New approaches to air traffic management  to manage growing traffic volumes

ADB SAFEGATE tower solutions are deployed at major commercial and military airports around the world including Vienna, Innsbruck, Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, Tallinn, Lisbon, Lahore and Jakarta. At the World ATM Congress in Madrid from March 7 – 9  we are presenting our integrated tower solutions. The latest solution, the Integrated Controller Working Position (CWP), will also be showcased at the event.

What sets ADB SAFEGATE apart?

“Increasingly, Air Traffic Control (ATC) is becoming central to the overall airport operations setup, handling decisions on future traffic flows to support the tremendous growth in movements,” said Christian Onselaere, CEO, ADB SAFEGATE.  “The terminal, airfield and tower, parts of the airport that worked quite independently before, need to work together closely. Integrating these silos is where we can significantly impact airport performance.”

“Tower solutions are an integral part of ADB SAFEGATE´s  Airport Performance strategy that extends across our four domains – Gate, Tower, Airfield and Services. What sets ADB SAFEGATE apart  is the ability to integrate these solutions, moving away from a silo approach. This helps airports better manage growing traffic volumes safely and efficiently”.

User-friendly single screen Integrated Controller Working Position  –  to improve safety and efficiency 

The Integrated Controller Working Position incorporates important ATC tower systems such as surveillance,  e-strips, departure manager and information system into a consistent, user-friendly single screen to improve safety and efficiency. ATCOs can view multiple functions – surveillance and airport safety support, routing and guidance service, workflow support, meteorological data and navaids status, as well as monitor and control AGL from this screen. Together, these lessen air traffic controller (ATCO) workload, provide advanced safety net solutions, enable accurate routing and guidance and contribute to Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) to improve predictability and efficiency in traffic flows.

  • Advanced Surface Movement and Guidance Control System (A-SMGCS), called ACEMAX provides surveillance information critical to routing and guidance (up to level 4) that enables the air traffic controller to maintain capacity in all-weather situations, and provide safety nets to guarantee safe traffic flow even in peak hours.
  • Electronic E-strips (DIFLIS) collects all flight information in an electronic system, with the feel of a paper flight strip system to ease transition for the controller. It is ussed for flight sequence planning, adapting flight data, creating advanced safety nets (in combination with A-SMGCS) and contributing to the A-CDM process and reducing the workload of the ATCO.
  • Departure Manager (OPTAMOS) manages departures, optimizes arrival- and departure-flow, and maximizes throughput by providing advice to controllers on how to sequence aircraft. It allows for ideal coordination between ATC and Airport CDM to reduce departure queues at runway holding points by advising start-up and pushback times, thus reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions.
  • Information System (INFOMAX) provides a platform to integrate various external data sources into one consistent user interface. Data sources include meteorological data, RVR, QNH, wind, satellite image, weather radar, ATIS information, navaids status, runway lighting status and control, surveillance cameras and documents.

Visit us at at Booth #335 at the World ATM Congress in Madrid to find out more.

You can also watch the video from Birmingham Airport that boosted efficiency with integrated tower solutions from ADB SAFEGATE.

ADB SAFEGATE is a leading provider of intelligent solutions that deliver superior airport performance from approach to departure. The company partners with airports and airlines to analyze their current setup and operations, identify bottlenecks, and jointly solve them using a consultative approach that enables airports to improve efficiency, enhance safety and environmental sustainability, and reduce operational costs. Our integrated portfolio includes solutions and services that harmonize airport performance, tackling every aspect of traffic handling and guidance, from approach, runway and taxiway lighting, to tower-based traffic control systems, and intelligent gate and docking automation. ADB SAFEGATE has more than 900 employees in more than 20 countries and operates in more than 175 countries, serving more than 2,500 airports.