DIFLIS - Electronic Flight Strip from ADB SAFEGATE

ESTONIA. The Baltic NATO Ämari Air Base has just taken into operation their recently upgraded the Electronic Flight Progress Strips and Information System and at ADB SAFEGATE we are pleased to continue collaboration with the Estonian Defence Forces in announcing the important upgrade.

The recently upgraded Electronic Flight Progress Strips and Information System at The Baltic NATO Ämari Air Base mark the latest development of an ongoing collaboration with the NATO base since 2012, and directly improves airfield safety and efficacy.

The ADB SAFEGATE E-strips solution is part of the ADB SAFEGATE tower package and provides digital solutions for flight status and clearances, saves valuable time, and streamlines flight data.  It provides comprehensive digital solutions for tracking clearances and flight status while streamlining flight data input.

Priit SoosaarOur collaboration with ADB SAFEGATE started in 2012 and has proved one of our most successful

, says Priit Soosaar of the Estonian Defence Forces.

Ämari Air Base is a NATO base of the Estonian Military. The flights are fast paced due to their defensive nature and organizing flight status requires a cool head even in high pressure situations.

The E-strips solution is workflow-driven and designed to dramatically reduce time required to interact with the strip system, freeing ATCOs capacity for their primary tasks. It has enhanced safety net logic which in turn creates more opportunities for conflict detection and alerting features.

Gonzalo Moreno-Muñoz, Managing Director of ADB SAFEGATE TOWER points out:

Gonzalo Moreno-Muñoz, VP of Tower At ADB SAFEGATE we are committed to bring state-of-the-art technology to our military customers for supporting their operational needs. The long-lasting cooperation with the Estonian Centre for Defense Investment is an excellent example of how our solutions enable the end users to fulfill their mission.

The recent E-strips upgrade at Ämari Air Base marks the latest development of an ongoing renovation at the base since 2008, and directly expands advancements for safety and efficacy.

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