Juan Somozas May 22 in HongKong


HYBRID EVENT. Mark your calendars! We are thrilled to invite you to the International Conference on the Future of Aviation Industry, which will be held in Hong Kong on Wednesday, May 22, 2024. This dynamic event promises to spark innovation and conversation around the advancements shaping our skies. Our very own Juan Somozas, Business Development Innovation Team Leader at ADB SAFEGATE will be giving his presentation about the digital transformation sweeping through aviation. Don´t miss this. Join live or via link!

Juan Somozas, Business Development Innovation Team Leader at ADB SAFEGATE, brings over two decades of aeronautical engineering expertise and a passion for navigating the complexities of the aviation sector. With significant contributions to major turnkey projects globally, including in Doha, Abu Dhabi, Istanbul, Rome, and New York, Juan is at the forefront of introducing Airside 4.0 solutions worldwide. His invaluable insights will undoubtedly enlighten and inspire.

What to Expect?

Juan will delve into the digital transformation sweeping through aviation, followed by an interactive Q&A session with luminaries from the industry. Whether you’re joining us in person or virtually, prepare for a deep dive into cutting-edge technological developments.

Event Details:

When: 11:30 AM – 12:15 Noon (GMT +8), 22-May, 2024
Where: Conference Hall, 4/F, HKPC Building, 78 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Livestream: Join us virtually via this link

Seize this unique opportunity to enhance your understanding of the future of aviation and contribute to strengthening Hong Kong’s stature as a global aviation hub. We’re setting the stage for a day of learning, dialogue, and innovation — and your presence will make it even more special.

ADB SAFEGATE is a company that provides integrated solutions to airports, air-lines, and ANSPs.  We are proud to be leading the way with innovative and smart Airside 4.0 solutions that turn airports into smart airports, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the passenger experience. Solutions include airfield lighting, power and control systems, airport and tower software, docking automation, apron management, and aftermarket services.  With over 1,400 employees and over 2,700 airports in over 175 countries, from the busiest and largest to the fastest-growing airports, ADB SAFEGATE is dedicated to making air travel safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly.