One-click/ Quick and easy deployments are just what today’s airports need

Airports have always wanted to grow the number of aircraft movement and flights to meet increasing airline and passenger demands. While Resource Management Systems (RMS) can plan and optimize resource utilization, these deployments can be complex. Moving from an on-premise setup to the cloud provides quick, easy and cost-effective access to resource management, in a matter of days. It’s just what airports need in these times of uncertainty.

During my 33 years of developing and delivering Airport IT solutions, software deployments have traditionally been a relatively straightforward process. However, with technology evolving at breakneck speeds, software development and deployment is becoming significantly more complex, in terms of security and dependence between software components.

Software deployment is no longer as simple

Modern IT platforms today consist of multiple software frameworks, varied operating systems and virtualization layers. In a project at one of the largest and busiest airports in China, we introduced a new Airport Operational Database (AODB), RMS and integration platform across two terminals, admixing over 25 business-critical systems to deliver a seamless Operations and Integration platform.  It’s a standout example of a successful on-premise RMS deployment for a large international airport, but such deployments require an Airport IT department to retain an ongoing team of expensive, highly skilled resources to cover the support and maintenance of all the technology layers. Smaller and medium sized airports cannot afford such investment.

Cloud systems are quick and easy to deploy

Managing this variety and change in pace in deployments cost effectively, without disruption to business operations is a major challenge for Airport IT departments.  It’s  why many airports are considering cloud-based deployments, whereby the original manufacturer, like ADB SAFEGATE, becomes the responsible and accountable Service Provider for all such complex IT systems and applications management, operating on predefined Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that underpin an airport’s business processes.

The recent and ongoing pandemic has massively disrupted airport operations globally. Going forward Airports need flexible systems and solutions that can scale as air travel picks up. Moving to a cloud-based delivery model allows airports to deploy new solutions and services ‘rapidly and reliably’, and respond well to ever-changing business pressures.

Realize business value quickly with one-click deployments

ADB SAFEGATE’s Airport Systems Resource Management Xpress (AS-RMSX) can provide quick, easy and cost-effective access to world-leading resource management services, accessed in the cloud in a matter of days. Supported by periodic and secure releases, we work to ensure that customer deployments are no longer a major undertaking, with customer onboarding now focused on operational business benefits rather than on the mechanics of how to deploy new technologies.

Airport System RMSX Andy Quilliam


Our Professional Services team are on standby to assist customers to quickly capture and configure their specific business rules, thus enabling the real-time and strategic optimization of business-critical aircraft parking. This ensures that business value is added quickly and effectively into your operational environments in a secure, maintainable manner, with the highest levels of availability.

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