Company training strategies are changing in the post-COVID environment and within 6 months, the ADB SAFEGATE Training Academy™ has been able to quickly make a strategic pivot and reinvent how we do customer training.
The Training Academy™ is proud to announce the launch of our new global customer training website to support the FAA and ICAO markets. You can explore our new website at

The Training Academy™ continues to support annually planned in-person classroom training, but we have also introduced new virtual instructor-led training (VILT) along with online e-learning self-paced courses.  You will also have access to live webinars that are recorded and can be watched later via ‘Webinar On Demand’.

Now you can easily access all of our training services via our Training Academy™ website.  You can register and set up your own personal learning account.  From there, you can instantly access free introductory courses and paid self-paced courses.  You can easily sign-up for one of our scheduled VILT courses and access any pre-course homework, reference material and even download the virtual room link and reminder to your calendar to save the date and make sure you are on time for the training event.

With the introduction of self-paced online courses, we are striving to continue to provide you with critical interactive e-learning content anytime and anywhere.  Curious how it works? Go ahead and register and take the online Introduction to ADB SAFEGATE, it’s free!


Our ‘Journey of Learning’ training is one of a kind and we always strive to assure that you have the best possible customer experience.  We strive to provide training content that matters to you and your professional development, and we will kick it off in February with an AGL Maintenance Manager virtual instructor-led training.

We will continue to bring new training online including more Airfield Maintenance training and will also be releasing newly developed training certifications such as a Certified Design Professional (AGL-CDP) to reach our Engineering and Design companies.  We also are planning something for installation contractors who could become Certified Installation Professionals (AGL-CIP) after completing the certification course.

Image caption:  Students receive their ‘WINGS’ and professional certificates after completing the course and passing the certification test.  These certifications will always be accessible from your personal learning portal.

Check out the Training Academy™ website and have a look!  You can also reach the Training Academy via ADB SAFEGATE´s online product center.

We look forward to welcoming you onboard a Training Academy™ Journey of Learning flight in 2021!

Americas Customers
Heber Cideos, Training Manager,
Global Market Development Team

RoW Customers
Quentin Fromont, Training Manager
Global Market Development Team

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