ADB SAFEGATE lighting the way at Kansas City’s sleek new terminal

Kansas City International Airport (MCI) has officially opened a new million square foot terminal that showcases a stunning range of cutting-edge technologies and amenities. AXON EQ and LINC 360 technologies will be used to provide apron centerline lighting at the brand new 40-gate terminal that marks the largest infrastructure project in Kansas City history.

KANSAS CITY. What a year for Kansas City! As if a Super Bowl win wasn’t enough, Kansas City International Airport (MCI) has officially opened a new million square foot terminal that showcases a stunning range of cutting-edge technologies and amenities. With thoughtful consideration given to efficiency, sustainability, safety, and inclusivity, Kansas City’s new terminal is a world-class example of innovation. MCI’s $1.5 billion project was four years in the making and will provide Missouri’s second busiest airport with an ultramodern replacement for aged infrastructure.

The single terminal design aims to support efficiency and safety of increased aircraft movements at the airport and presents a premiere passenger experience with a multitude of locally inspired amenities. MCI’s new terminal also has a major focus on sustainability and is the first Midwestern terminal to obtain LEED Gold certification, and second in the US.

The Kansas City Aviation Department predicts the new terminal will nearly double passenger capacity from 30,000 travelers a day to over 50,000. Increased passenger load means effective apron management is critical to manage aircraft, meet safety concerns, and avoid unnecessary delays.

In partnership with Capital Electric and Garver Engineering, ADB SAFEGATE has won a contract to provide MCI with installation of AXON EQ and LINC 360 products to ensure safe and efficient aircraft guidance to the gate.

AXON EQ lighting uses smart sensor technology, allowing ramp tower operators to have additional control and monitoring ability when guiding aircraft to corresponding taxi lanes. AXON EQ smart lighting helps reduce the potential for piloting errors, thereby increasing safety and avoiding unnecessary delays.

LINC 360 works with AXON EQ as a high-performance bidirectional communication system to allow comprehensive, real-time monitoring of the airfield and its assets. Together, these products increase safety and efficiency at MCI by providing the best situational awareness possible.

Additional control and monitoring of taxi lighting comes from an Airfield Lighting Control & Monitoring System (computer and touchscreen) newly added to MCI’s virtual tower. The command center can activate different taxi lanes based on the type of incoming aircraft.

ADB SAFEGATE will also install high-mast LED apron flood lighting at MCI through its partnership with U.S.-based lighting expert, Musco Lighting. The LED flood lights utilize a unique reflector system and optic design to increase energy efficiency and provide light with pinpoint precision and uniformity that can’t be matched. Light is directed where it is needed without creating disruptive glare for pilots, air traffic controllers, and ground crews.

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