ADB SAFEGATE Training Academy in Johannesburg 2023

TRAINING ACADEMY. Join us from February the 21st to March the 10th, 2023, to learn from the experts! These Airfield training will be jointly delivered by our Training Academy staff and the Africa Service Team, to provide you the best advice possible. Block your agenda from February 21st to March 10th, 2023

Three airfield training sessions delivered in Johannesburg

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AGL+1: From the 21st to the 24th of February, the AGL+1 Basics of AIRFIELD Ground Lighting will guide you through the major aerodrome-related requirements, applicable to AGL and to our ADB SAFEGATE equipment. This is the perfect knowledge primer about the regulations in terms of operation and maintenance of AGL equipment, to start interacting safely with our equipment.

AGL +2. From the 27th to the 3rd of March, we will go on with the AGL+2, which focuses on ADB SAFEGATE equipment. We will learn together about the functionalities, structure, installation, and maintenance of ADB SAFEGATE’s products and systems. This course also provides an extensive understanding of product safety. This training is a must-have for technicians and engineers requiring a deep understanding about AGL products

AGL +3. We will end this training series with a strong note. The AGL Maintenance management training, or AGL+3, is reserved for an elite of experienced AGL professionals who are active or aspiring shift managers or maintenance managers. This session explains the differences between corrective and preventive maintenance systems and their impact on airport operations, helps establishing a typical state-of-the-art maintenance structure and defining the roles and responsibilities of each member of the AGL maintenance team, including the competency management.

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We, as the ADB SAFEGATE training and service team are looking forward to welcome you!

South Africa AGL training series.mp4 from ADB SAFEGATE on Vimeo.

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