McCarran Int'l ALIS

Maintenance personnel at McCarran International Airport (LAS) no longer put pen to paper when they log maintenance performed on runway lights. Instead, a digital asset management system uses GPS technology to track the work performed and pushes the information to a cloud-based platform to enhance the accuracy of maintenance records.

Doug McMahan, assistant director of facilities/management at the Clark County Department of Aviation, reports that the Airfield Location-based Inspection and Service system (ALIS) from ADB SAFEGATE increases operational efficiency by reducing human errors and minimizing runway downtime. It also helps ensure that maintenance of airfield lighting complies with FAA standards and makes it easier for the agency to review maintenance records during annual audits.

“We have limited time and staff,” McMahan says. “So from a work management perspective, this technology maximizes our efficiency. For example, we can specify runway closure times much more accurately and reduce [them] because we now know exactly how long it takes to bolt down cans in a runway closure area. Instead of relying on institutional knowledge, we know exactly how long the work will take.

Written by Ken Wysocky and published by Airport Improvement Magazine, May 2021.
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