Malin Reinholds

On November 11-12, ADB SAFEGATE will be participating in ARKAD, the largest careers fair in southern Sweden. Hosted by Lund University (LTH), this will be the third time Safegate has exhibited at the annual fair, which attracts around 150 companies and 10,000 students. In an interview with ADBSAFEGATE Reporter, ADB SAFEGATE Product Specialist, Malin Reinholds, a recent graduate from LTH, explained that ADB SAFEGATE values participation in fairs of this nature as they highlight the talent of the next generation of potential ADB SAFEGATE experts.

Graduating in 2014, after completing a Masters of Electrical Engineering with a specialization in energy and the environment, Malin started with Safegate Group in May 2015, working at the head office in Malmö, Sweden.

What you do for Safegate Group?

I’m a Product Specialist for ILCMS and CCRs, which means I handle a lot of incoming questions about the systems from internal teams. We’re also in charge of new development within the systems. There’s nice variation in the work I do every day between emails, meetings and being in the lab testing or verifying new functions in the components. My role also involves some travel, which I haven’t gotten to do before for work, so it’s been a really interesting experience so far.

photo 1.1.1What was your driving force behind working in aviation, and why Safegate?

I have always had a drive to continually improve things. If I can keep improving on something then I am valuable to the company, and that gives me a lot of satisfaction.

Compared to other organisations I’ve worked for, Safegate gives you opportunities to make improvements in many areas that you didn’t have any particular knowledge about before. Safegate also has a really international atmosphere. I was born in Sweden but lived in Australia and travelled a lot when I was younger. My parents are also engineers and it feels like I just landed at Safegate and I was meant to be here.

How is SG participating in the fair?

Across the two days of the fair, Safegate will have a booth that will introduce students to who we are and what we do. Some of our resident experts will be on hand to answer any questions and get to know the students. We’ll also attend the Grand Banquet on the 11th, with the purpose to mingle with students interested in our technology and field of expertise in a more relaxed environment.

Did fairs like ARKAD help you in your career?

Absolutely, which is why I think it’s important for Safegate to participate. As a student, you don’t really know what’s out there. The fair allows you to hear from past students about where they did their thesis, and to see what is out there and what you could be doing. Every year, even early on in your studies, it gives you the chance to get to think about what direction you want to work in. ARKAD helped me decide that I wanted to go into something with the environment because there were companies out there that I didn’t know existed before, doing really interesting things in that area. I attended the fair every year that I studied, so five times!

Why is it important for Safegate to attend? What do we get out of it?

A big focus of the fair is to present master thesis projects from students, which means that Safegate has the opportunity to see up-and-coming talent that we are able to tap into and take advantage of. Our hope is to get some master’s students recruited to Safegate in this way, because it gives you a good insight into the capabilities of the individual. There are quite a few people from our Products Department that started here by doing their master’s thesis for Safegate.

It’s also important for us to get the exposure at these kinds of fairs. A lot of younger people who are new to the industry have never heard of us. We are market leaders – people should know about 2.2.2

What do students get out of the fair?

Students really get a current snapshot of what different industries look like and what they require. Going to these fairs early on in their studies can really shape what choices students make for the future. And of course the freebies…

How do you feel going back to AKARD on the other side of the booth?

Nervous because wasn’t long ago that I was on the other side. But it feels good because I know what questions they will have and what they’re interested in. We are a company that works in a really different industry than many others. I didn’t really think about companies like Safegate existing – it seemed like airports just worked without thinking about the systems and work behind them. It’s great to be able to share that knowledge from the other side and open up more opportunities for students.

Malin and more of our Safegate Group experts will be attending ARKAD. Visit us at the fair and continue the conversation! 


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