VIDEO INTERVIEW.  The African aviation sector is growing rapidly but the infrastructure needs to evolve at the same pace. The Airport Company South Africa (ACSA) marks its 25th anniversary this year and Alexander Herring recently met with, Fundi Sithebe – Chief Operating Officer at ACSA – to explore her thoughts about trends in the airport industry.  

Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) is a company, that currently manages a network of nine airports in South Africa, including the three main international gateways of O.R. Tambo International, Cape Town International and King Shaka International Airports. Although, ACSA is majority owned by the South African Government, it is legally and financially autonomous and operates under commercial law. Over the years, the company has transformed a fragmented, infrastructural parastatal into a focused, customer driven, efficient and commercially successful business, whose airports have become critical success factors to Brand South Africa.

In an interview with Fundi Sithebe, Chief Operating Officer at ACSA, ADB SAFEGATE´s Alexander Herring explores her thoughts about the trends in airport industry and we learn more about the challenges and opportunities in South Africa.

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