WHITE PAPER: Making airport operations more secure, agile and profitable - A case for multi-airport AOS deployments

WHITEPAPER. Traditionally an owner/operator of an airport network would have installed a stand-alone Airport Operations Systems (AOS) at each and every airport to enable effective and efficient flight turnaround operations. That is now in the past. A truly multi-airport capable AOS means that multiple airports throughout an entire network of stations can all be managed from a single multi-airport AOS deployment, and elevate the entire airport operations ecosystem.

Making airport operations more secure, agile and profitable. A case for multi-airport AOS deployments

A multi-airport AOS deployment offers an agile environment for safe, innovative and customer centric airport operations while enabling potential for collaborative decision-making though optimized processes and aligned systems. It can gear a back-end IT setup to support the holistic, cross-functional, data-driven way of working that underpins a profitable multi-airport network; even more so when a number of the outstations are small setups and thus able to leverage economies of scale.

ADB SAFEGATE Airport Systems has rich experience in deploying and supporting multi-site AOS deployments over the past 15 years. As partners to leading airport and airline networks – Delta Air Lines FIDS (22 sites), Panama AOS (4 sites), ONDA Morocco AOS (23 sites), ACSA South Africa (4 sites) and ASECNA Africa (17 sites), we have gained some insight into what value drivers and benefits can be attained by the airport operator from a multi-airport AOS deployment.

Elevate airport operations

The heightened security, agility and flexibility that come with a multi-airport AOS deployment can take an airport network’s operations to the next level. By moving to a more customer-centric,data-driven way of working, airport networks can come closer to collaborative decision making. The cherry on top: the potential to boost profitability by leveraging the network multiplier effect and economies of scale.

Four reasons to consider a multi-airport AOS

Four reasons for Multi AOS deployment

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Making airport operations more secure, agile and profitable

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