AS-Vision is our mobility and situational awareness solution. It helps provide an overview of what is happening at the airport from an operational perspective. Mobility allows personnel who are going out into the airport to see what’s happening from wherever they are – so they don’t have to be sat at a desk in the terminal. They’re given the information directly in real-time so they can take action on incidents or problems as they occur.

Integrated apron solutions

Airports generate and consume large amounts of data, and communicating that data to the people who need it, while they are on the move within the airport, can be a challenging task. Information such as delays, flight status, and gate details are always important, but having the information on hand when situations arise means that all key resources can respond and start to mitigate the risks quickly.

AS- Vision is capable of being standalone within the ADB SAFEGATE product suite, or integrated into an airport’s Active Directory System. With AS-Vision users can quickly log on using their mobile device and access data in real-time. AS- Vision is now far more tightly aligned with SAM, our SafeControl Apron Management system and our docking system (A-VDGS). The user interface (UI) is similar so that people using one product can now seamlessly move across to the AS-Vision product as well. Information from our A-VDGS and SAM is presented in our AS-Vision as well.

Solving challenges for management and ramp operations

There are many stakeholders for this particular solution; operational people at the gates as well as management. Management wants to understand from an analysis point of view what type of issues and challenges are currently relevant, and also the historical data. With AS-Vision they can have data trends analysis delivered to them, right to their laptops or their mobile device, giving them the ability to understand what’s happening on the ground.

Ramp people can receive information about the type of movements there are: Is there a delay on a particular aircraft that they need to cater for? Has the stand changed? They might already be at stand 5 and then it suddenly changes to stand 7 – they need to be aware of the change and respond quickly. Many stakeholders at the airport are using and benefiting from the AS-Vision software.

The digital airport trend

There’s definitely a trend towards the digital airport. You can see it in passenger processing and the contactless journey a passenger takes. Automation is key for the airport. If you can’t automate, you can’t react quickly enough. From a digital airport point of view, that’s the trend and analysis we see going forward. And it will continue for the next number of years.

How do airports carry on and meet demand, with fewer people?

Airports will be challenged to quickly recruit personnel back at the levels they had prior to the pandemic. So we’re helping to provide more efficient, automated solutions. Today we can provide airports with information and suggest the possibilities to use it. But in the future, maybe we will simply carry out the action and tell them how we solved the problem – then they have an outcome-based solution.

More information about AS-Vision?
Visit our online ADB SAFEGATE product center to read more about AS-Vision. You are, of course, always welcome to contact us directly.

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