VIDEO. Munich Airport, the number two airport in Germany in terms of passenger numbers, is not far from reaching 50 million yearly passengers. The airport´s ability to manage growth related transformation over time is a real success story and at ADB SAFEGATE we are proud to be partners for more than 30 years. Watch this video where our Sales Director Frank Wunderlich, presents the growth story of Munich Airport and explains how ADB SAFEGATE’s holistic approach can help an airport to improve its operational performance.

Munich airport is Germany’s second busiest airport in terms of passenger numbers. The airport, which opened in 1992 has witnessed steady growth, and it will soon reach 50 million passengers per year. The growth means a constant demand for growth of capacity and increase of operational developments.

To handle the air traffic growth, the airport extends and renews the infrastructure. The construction of a new apron with 21 additional stands is one of the major steps in managing the airport´s transformation. Watch the video presentation where  Frank Wunderlich, our Sales Director for Central Europe tells us the growth story of Munich Airport and explains how ADB SAFEGATE supported Munich Airport from understanding the needs of the design to the final testing and commissioning.

A successful partnership between ADB SAFEGATE and Munich Airport
ADB SAFEGATE has been in partnership with Munich Airport for more than 30 years now. We have been a supplier and a system integrator both for the old airport in Munich and for the new airport since 1992. We have supported Munich Airport across almost all our domains, – Airfield Ground Lighting, docking systems, tower solutions and services.The cooperation is based on trust and reliability so we know what we can expect from each other.

Supporting airports to manage the growth necessity and improve performance
A few years ago, ADB SAFEGATE changed the strategy not to only be a niche player, not only to concentrate on a certain business pillar like looking in isolation at AGL or at docking only. With the new strategy we are using a more holistic approach to fully understand the operational necessities of a modern airport of our time. We analyze three different flows that exist at airports today:

  1. Flow of aircraft including the turnaround process
  2. Flow of passengers
  3.  Flow of baggage and cargo

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge not only about our various domains, but also our understanding of the operational needs of the airport, it is possible to begin discussions with the airport´s various stakeholders at an early stage. Stakeholders often act in isolation but through a holistic approach, it is possible, together with the airport to help break these silos and instead help them to get the best solution for their operational needs. The airport benefits from this expertise to take the right decisions when they are investing in new systems to improve their operational efficiency and performance.

Watch the full presentation
This year at inter airport in Munich, ADB SAFEGATE introduced the Presentation Theater to bring forward our experts within our key domains and share our knowledge and visions with the wider audience in the industry. This was an open event, where anyone visiting the fair could stop by and listen to a 15-minute presentation on how the industry is evolving and how ADB SAFEGATE is contributing. Watch the video where Frank Wunderlich shares his thoughts about “The Munich Airport Case”.

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