Interview with Jarred Utt: Pioneering Javascript Innovations at JS Nations Conference

We’re thrilled to present an interview with Jarred Utt, a forward-thinking Technical Lead in R&D for Global Apron Solutions at ADB SAFEGATE. With the upcoming JSNation Conference in Amsterdam, Jarred is set to illuminate the stage, delving into complex JavaScript applications in the aviation industry. Here’s what he shared about his role, ambitions, and insights into his much-anticipated talk, ‘Micro-frontends in Safety Critical Aviation Systems’.

Micro-frontends in Safety Critical Aviation Systems
JavaScript conferences are events where developers, enthusiasts, and experts gather to discuss all things related to JavaScript development. These conferences provide a platform for learning, networking, and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the JavaScript ecosystem. The JSNation Conference in Amsterdam, with a hybrid format, will take place on June 13 and in a fully remote format on June 17. This event, which is already sold out, will host 1,500 attendees in person and over 10,000 attendees joining remotely. Over 50 talented speakers will present across two days and on two conference tracks, sharing best practices and innovations within their areas. We’re excited to announce that ADB SAFEGATE’s Jarred Utt is one of the selected speakers, and we’re grateful he took the time to share his thoughts and answer some questions prior to the conference and his presentation on ‘Micro-frontends in Safety Critical Aviation Systems’.

Could you tell us a bit about your daily responsibilities at ADB SAFEGATE and the goals you aim to achieve?
Jarred: Every day is a unique challenge, primarily centered around the development of our Intelligent AiPRON solutions. My role encompasses designing technical frameworks, aiding development teams, updating stakeholders, and troubleshooting across various product phases. The core of my mission is to foster a learning environment, encourage innovation, and develop intelligent solutions, ultimately enhancing airport efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

The JSNation Conference is one of the largest JavaScript conferences in the world. What are your thoughts on being one of the key speakers?
Jarred: It’s an incredible honor to have the opportunity to share my knowledge with others at such an event, and share a little bit of the exciting solutions we have built at ADB SAFEGATE. This conference is a melting pot for the brightest minds in JavaScript, and being part of such a gathering is both exciting and humbling. I’m eagerly looking forward to sharing our experiences and learning from other industry pioneers.

Your presentation titled, ‘Micro-frontends in Safety Critical Aviation Systems‘ , is highly anticipated. Could you give us a sneak peek?
Jarred: Absolutely. Our AiPRON software embodies the cutting-edge of development, employing a Micro-frontend architecture to meet the unique demands of airport operations—a sector where failure is not an option. I’ll be discussing how this architecture amplifies our development process, enabling scalable, flexible solutions that can adapt to the stringent requirements of the aviation industry.

In addition to your presentation, you’re also part of a moderated discussion titled ‘AI- Using AI during Development.  What’s the future of development going to be?’ Could you share more about this?
Jarred: Yes, I’m thrilled to be part of this panel discussion alongside distinguished industry colleagues from Google and Microsoft. We’ll be exploring the transformative role of AI in development processes and discussing the future of software development. It’s a unique opportunity to engage in thought-provoking dialogue about AI’s capacity to revolutionize how we conceive, design, and deploy software solutions. Participants can look forward to a stimulating exchange of ideas that point towards an even more AI-integrated future in development.

Jarred Utt in panel discussion at JSNation "AI- Using AI during Development, What’s the future of development going to be?"

Who should particularly mark their calendars for both your talk and the panel discussion?
Jarred: While anyone with an interest in JavaScript and modern development practices will find value in the session, I’d highly encourage those involved in large-scale, critical software projects—especially development team leads, architects, and CTOs—to join. Additionally, the panel discussion is not to be missed by those intrigued by AI’s evolving role in development, offering insights from some of the brightest minds at the intersection of AI and software engineering.

As a leading figure at ADB SAFEGATE when it comes to the research & development of the company´s Intelligent AiPRON solutions and Airside 4.0 concept, how do you see the role of JavaScript and similar technologies evolving in smart airport solutions?
Jarred: JavaScript is pivotal in driving the innovation behind our intelligent airport solutions. As airports evolve into fully integrated ecosystems and demands of end users to have performant, consistent, and modern user experiences across their operational software, technologies like JavaScript play a crucial role. It’s not just about writing code; it’s about crafting solutions that enhance passenger experiences and streamline airport management on a global scale.

Q: Any final thoughts or messages for our readers and prospective conference attendees?
Jarred: The JSNation Conference represents an unparalleled opportunity to dive deep into the JavaScript ecosystem’s latest trends and innovations. Whether you’re joining us in Amsterdam or tuning in remotely, prepare to be inspired, challenged, and equipped with knowledge that could redefine the future of technology in aviation and beyond.

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THANK YOU JARRED for taking the time to share your insights and experiences. Your work at ADB SAFEGATE and upcoming presentation at the JS Nation Conference exemplify the incredible potential of JavaScript in transforming industries, proving once again that when vision meets innovation, the possibilities are limitless.

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates from the conference and insights into the tech world! And while you´re waiting for that, watch the video where Jarred himself invites you to the JS Conference 2024.

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