Baggage collection vs. Covid-19

Airports around the world are struggling to build passenger confidence in flying amid global Covid-19 pandemic. New measures, initiative and directives are implemented on a daily basis to make sure that passengers as well as airport and airlines personnel are safe. It is fascinating how much new ideas and technologies emerged within last 6 month affecting every single step of passenger journey. However there are still a space for improvement. In ADB SAFEGATE we developed a solution to avoid crowding around baggage carousels.

I love airports. I suppose it comes from being born in Soviet Union and not being able to travel abroad, so aviation was always something romantic and exciting. Time and space travelling.

It breaks my heart to see what is going on in the airports as the consequences of global pandemic. Those measures airports put in place to help growing passenger confidence in flying again are amazing. The level of innovation and challenging thinking is really exciting.

However one aspect of passenger journey really bugs me. I believe Kasper Hounsgaard from Copenhagen Optimisation described it in his post a few weeks ago.

All the way from arriving to airport and on the plane passengers are directed, socially distanced and follow the recommendations. Until they step in to a baggage hall to collect their suitcases. This is where human behaviour kicks in. People are crowded around baggage carousel, waiting for their bags without social distancing. This is behaviour before pandemic and it continues during pandemic.

Why? Because no one provided an alternative. Until now.

In ADB SAFEGATE we developed a cloud-based solution which allow passenger to scan a QR code with their smartphone as she/he enters a baggage collection hall and know exactly when their bags are on the carousel ready to be collected. No need to stand in the crowd but instead passenger can wait wherever they want until they are notified. Simple, efficient and quick to roll out.

Personally I would even use it before pandemic as this is exactly what I dislike most about travelling – queuing and waiting.

Obviously there will be arguments that not everyone has a smartphone, not all baggage halls are spacious enough and so on. But this is at least something to help to resolve the issue and help build passenger trust in flying. Everything helps at this stage!

Do you think it would help airports?
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