The Intelligent AiPRON technology portfolio provides a comprehensive solution to airport or airline operations.

GROUND HANDLING. Discover how AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics are enhancing airport efficiency and revolutionizing turnaround times. In an interview with Aviation Pros, ADB SAFEGATE´s Ilya Burkin explains the innovative Intelligent AiPRON. Learn more about how this groundbreaking solution is transforming the aircraft turnaround process due to the significant financial impact of delays and the complex coordination required among stakeholders.

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How AI, machine learning and predictive analytics optimize efficiency

Innovative solutions enable ground handlers, airport operators and airlines to streamline processes, reduce costs, enhance safety, demonstrate a commitment to creating sustainable aviation and ultimately improve the overall passenger experience.

The impact of technology on optimizing aircraft turnaround times, in a word, is “huge,” says Ilya Burkin, business development director at ADB SAFEGATE.

“Efficient aircraft turnaround solutions are critical to the aviation industry’s success. Through innovative solutions powered by advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and predictive analytics, aviation stakeholders can equip themselves with tools to implement automated and seamless processes. Technology can significantly reduce the time taken to prepare an aircraft for its next flight while ensuring that all safety requirements are met,” says Burkin.

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