ADB SAFEGATE Airport Systems: Resource Management Express (RMX)

AIRPORT SYSTEMS.  Accurate data, in one place, is vital to the ability to plan, react and manage growth at an airport. Resource Management Xpress is a cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) solution offering a simpler way to tackle the complexities of airport resource allocation and flight scheduling at small and mid-sized airports. By increasing operational efficiency, the airport and its airline partners can maximize capacity, improve the passenger experience and enjoy significant cost and time savings through fewer delays or disruptions.

With Resource Management Xpress  (AS-RMSX) we’ve taken the most powerful features from our industry leading AS-Resource Manager and packaged them as a low-cost, quick set-up solution that delivers a unified view of assets – gates, stands and baggage reclaim stations – so airports and airlines can optimize planning and allocation of flights and airport resources. The turnkey Resource Management Xpress is ideal for small to mid-sized airports wanting to avoid the complexities of a traditional RMS. It is fully hosted and managed by ADB SAFEGATE Airport Systems and comes with online training and 24/7 tech support. Its feature-packed suite includes modules for planning, allocation, alerting and reporting as well as a rule-based engine that automatically factors in constraints and preferences specific to each airport allocating these resources in a matter of seconds, boosting operational efficiency.

Scalability and resilience have become key for the aviation industry during these unprecedented times, and are here to stay. In addition to our proven solutions implemented at successful airports worldwide, ADB SAFEGATE Airport Systems is now offering airports the stability and robustness of our technology offering together with the efficiency, flexibility and agile scalability provided by a Cloud service.

Our new Cloud platform provides airports with real alternatives for fully-configurable solutions to best suit their operational needs and the requirements of their stakeholders. As demonstrated in other industries for many years, this proven technology and commercial model can now benefit the aviation industry.

– Sébastien Jodeau
Vice President Airport Systems & Tower Solutions
ADB SAFEGATE Airport Systems

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