ADB SAFEGATE Airport Systems helps Morocco’s ONDA boost passenger experience at 22 airports

The Moroccan Airports Authority, Office National Des Aeroports (ONDA), is driving a major transformation of its IT systems to better support passenger growth. The airport operator has partnered with ADB SAFEGATE Airport Systems to deploy one of the largest implementations of airport operational solutions at 22 of its airports. This will translate to better turnaround time for Europe-Africa airport hubs like Casablanca. Large airports like Marrakesh, Nador and Rabat will be able to better use their resources. Overall, all of the airports will gain an accurate, real-time view of operations so airport stakeholders can take better decisions faster.

Improved operational efficiency and resource usage with state-of-the-art IT infrastructure  
This project brings Morocco’s aviation sector closer to Eurocontrol’s vision of Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM). It also aligns with ADB SAFEGATE’s Total Airport Management vision which improves airport performance through better integration of operational processes and greater insight from the wealth of data residing in various systems used across the airport.

Airports are the first impression of any country, and especially in the case of Morocco which is a tourist hotspot with double-digit air traffic growth. Passenger satisfaction is, therefore, our top priority,

said Mr. El Aoufir, CEO, ONDA.

ADB SAFEGATE Airport Systems has been our partner for more than 15 years, and is well suited to ensure we’re able to nearly double our passenger capacity – from 37 million in 2019 to 70 million in 2035.

ADB SAFEGATE Airport Systems will centralize the IT infrastructure at ONDA’s headquarters, and implement what ONDA calls the “SOAM“ across multiple sites. The system is secure and scalable, and can be used by airports of all sizes. It comprises solutions from the Airport Systems portfolio – Airport Operational Database (AODB), Resource Management System (RMS) and Integration Broker (IB).

While the AODB gives airport stakeholders a real-time view of operational data and improves flight scheduling and planning, RMS automates resource planning so that airports get more from their existing setup of gates, check-in desks and baggage belts. IB breaks down operational data silos, and provides timely information so airport stakeholders can respond appropriately and quickly, during disruptions.

With SOAM, 22 airports across Morocco will be able to standardize and continuously improve ONDA processes at the gate and airside, and get a real-time, unified view of their operational data for improved decision making.

As Eurocontrol’s first non-European partner, ONDA is at the forefront of implementing A-CDM in Africa and is recognized as a strong player in airport management. Our partnership will prove valuable when ONDA focuses on taking its expertise globally

, said Sebastien JODEAU, Managing Director Airport Systems, ADB SAFEGATE.

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