SHANGHAI. With the successful completion acceptance and flight verification, the construction of runway status lights (RWSL) in China’s major international hub airport has officially progressed from exploration to practical use.  ADB SAFEGATE, as the major AGL solution provider, was proud to witness this historic moment on-site together with all stakeholders of this project.

Increased situational awareness with runway status lights (RWSL)

With the successful completion acceptance and flight verification, the construction of RWSL in China’s major international hub airport, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport (SHA), has officially progressed from exploration to practical use.

The RWSL increases pilots’ and vehicle operators’ situational awareness by directly providing runway occupancy status through the autonomous illumination of in-pavement lights on runway and taxiways.

Integrates airfield lighting equipment with approach and surface surveillance systems

The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) initiated the research on RWSL a few years ago and officially released the Technical Specification in September 2022. The success of Hongqiao Airport’s RWSL system, as the first large hub airport RWSL construction project in China, will have a demonstration effect on other airports in China.

China’s first RWSL system at an international hub airport is ready to go live at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport

In the early morning of December 15, 2023, two verification aircraft and six verification vehicles completed a series of movements such as crossing the runway, taking off and landing in an orderly manner at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport (SHA), and the runway status lights (RWSL) automatically provided accurate indications throughout the process.

The construction scope includes 22 sets of Runway Entrance Lights (RELs) and 4 sets of Takeoff Hold Lights (THLs). This RWSL system integrates airfield lighting equipment with approach and surface surveillance systems to provide a visual signal to pilots and vehicle operators indicating that it is unsafe to enter/cross or begin takeoff on runway. The system is fully automated based on inputs from surface and terminal surveillance systems. ADB SAFEGATE was responsible for the lights in this project while other systems was provided by SAAB.

Since the start of the project, ADB SAFEGATE China team has been deeply involved in system design and implementation optimization; the China team has completed a significant amount of work from supply to services related to ALCMS, ILCMS, CCR, and lights.

Balance of safety and efficiency
In terms of anti-runway incursions, by sharing the expertise globally, ADB SAFEGATE enables airports to reach a perfect balance of safety and efficiency.

Watch the short video to learn more about Shanghai Hongqiao RWSL, which will be fully operational soon:

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