Taoyuan International Airport - Hand-in-hand with Taoyuan International Airport to prepare for future growth

TAIWAN. Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport is the most important gateway into Taiwan and its air traffic is increasing at a rapid rate. To meet demand and enable the airport to emerge as a state-of-the-art hub for the region, the airport is raising its airport accreditation rating from Category II to III and has recently embarked on a large-scale project to upgrade its entire airside with an Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL) solution from ADB SAFEGATE.

Taiwan’s leading airport moves to a Category III rating and signs a three-year AGL System Maintenance Contract with ADB SAFEGATE to help achieve their goals.  ADB SAFEGATE, as the manufacturer and solution provider, has become an important partner in helping the airport achieve its ambitious goals.

With the advanced solutions now in place, ADB SAFEGATE has successfully entered into a three-year AGL maintenance contract with the airport that includes the day-to-day maintenance operation of its AGL, CCR, ILCMS, ALCS, UPS, Genset and photometric measurement systems, as well as training of airport personnel on the latest technologies.

ADB SAFEGATE’s track record on maintaining complex AGL projects and implementing solid efficiency improvements made them the best choice for maintenance partner at the airport. Both the airport and ADB SAFEGATE are looking forward to reaping the benefits of this extended collaboration as they work together to develop the airport as a key hub in the region by focusing on efficiency and safety. Under this partnership, the airport will benefit from ADB SAFEGATE’s experience and knowledge by way of solid processes and procedures, highest quality and quick turnaround time. ADB SAFEGATE’s scope of work will include preventive and routine maintenance, inventory management, troubleshooting and emergency repair with the aim to maintain and achieve the airport’s goal to reduce downtime.

To meet today’s stringent efficiency and safety requirements, ADB SAFEGATE has deployed more than 30 technical personnel including a dedicated maintenance team to guarantee 24/7 maintenance services to the airport.

This win is a vindication of our successful end-to-end services strategy that is already on display at leading airports around the world. Our aim is to make the Taoyuan Airport a benchmark in the region by implementing a far-reaching efficiency improvement program. In turn, as a key customer reference for us, the airport helps reinforce our leadership in the fast growing Asian market,said Christian Onselaere, CEO, ADB SAFEGATE.

For more information about this project, please contact:
Tack Wee Tan,
Asia Pacific Regional Director


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