ADB SAFEGATE´s Just in time docking enhances safety, efficiency and sustainability of apron operations, while reducing costs and increasing throughput.

Just in time docking (JiTD) integrates surveillance feed with Safedock advanced visual docking guidance systems (A-VDGS) to achieve automatic activation of the docking process based on the actual aircraft position, rather than relying on an estimated time for aircraft arriving at stand. In the absence of a surveillance system at an airport, ADB SAFEGATE can provide a cost-efficient ADS-B based solution making JiTD available to all A-VDGS equipped airports.

JiTD enhances the situational awareness of stakeholders in the apron area and decreases the A-VDGS operational window. By using the true position of the aircraft, JiTD also enables new safety features like using obstruction lights for only the moment when an aircraft is entering the stand, or to protect aircraft by preventing service road traffic when an aircraft is moving or in the proximity of the stand.

AiPRON Manager can also ensure that all preparatory processes are completed in advance and will not result in a delay even though the aircraft arrives outside of the scheduled time. Adding the additional data source of surveillance to decision making, AiPRON Manager can identify informational discrepancies and resolve them before they result in a delay of the arrival and docking process, thereby mitigating negative effects and enhancing apron efficiency.

Challenges with apron operations:

  • Safedock A-VDGS operations based on estimated in block time (EIBT) is not optimal
  • Early arrivals are frequent at airports
  • Late stand changes and delays are frequent consequences from bad/outdated scheduling data from the Airport Operational Database (AODB)
  • “Tail swaps” or aircraft replacements are not always reported by carriers to the airports, and in turn the A-VDGS
  • Many times, late stand departures make arrivals hold on taxiways
  • It´s common that the PBB isn’t in a “safe” position or baggage trolleys block the approach to the stand
  • If ground support equipment isn’t monitored for serviceability it can result in a late stand change or other actions
  • Aircraft entering the wrong stand is a common problem at airports with a homogenous fleet

Benefits of using JiTD:

  • Real-time stand and Safedock A-VDGS operations ensure efficiency and fewer holdups
  • Early verification of true aircraft type for arrivals prevents late stand changes and delays due to early mitigation
  • Avoiding wrong stand entries saves on unnecessary push operations
  • Early stand-readiness checks enable mitigation actions before operations are affected
  • Protecting aircraft from rear service road traffic protects from incidents and accidents involving expensive assets
  • JiTD enhances throughput, efficiency and safety of apron operations, while reducing costs and increasing sustainability

Please watch our latest animation of JiTD here

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