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When COVID-19 struck, air travel almost came to a halt. Countries had to act swiftly and decisively. Strict national lockdowns and stringent travel restrictions combined with the adoption of innovative technologies such as contactless travel helped curb the spread of the pandemic across the world. But many questions linger.

Mandatory social distancing

Over the recent months, as more and more countries have gradually opened up air travel by imposing mandatory social distancing. But many questions linger.

  • How to implement social distancing without compromising on the passenger experience, in the hustle and bustle of a crowded airport setup?
  • Implementing social distancing while passenger numbers are still low, isn’t such a challenge. What happens when the passenger volumes grow and space is a constraint?
  • How can the aviation industry enforce restrictions when the definitions of social and the regulations around the word vary considerably?

The recent news on the challenge of limiting human-to-human contact and ensuring social distancing at arrivals only makes matters worse. Passengers being crammed into immigration queues or crowding around baggage belts to collect their luggage – it’s not what anyone needs to see especially when passenger confidence is so fragile. Trust once lost is hard to regain.

Rethink Resource Management in a COVID-19 world

In the short- to mid-term, as the pandemic looms large, technology can come to the rescue. Here’s where Resource Management Systems (RMS) can work wonders. Don’t think of RMS and how it was traditionally implemented – a way to help airports optimize their investments to accommodate more flights, passengers and baggage. Instead, look at how RMS can spread passenger flow around the airport to successfully implement social distancing, even as airports optimize resource utilization by ensuring equipment and assets are used evenly. Moreover, this can reduce overuse and depreciation or early amortization, and in turn contribute to an airport’s financial stability, key to their recovery.

Make social distancing work with Resource Management

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Next-generation Resource Management System

Some airports have already approached ADB SAFEGATE Airport Systems to resolve their social distancing and operational challenges. Our next-generation Resource Management System (RMSX) is a Software-as-a-Service solution offers a more automated and simpler way for airports to proactively plan daily operations in real-time. By creating more agile and flexible operational scenarios using Machine Learning, RMSX provides the kind of transparency needed to boost operational efficiency in today’s turbulent times. Since it’s cloud-based, airports can avoid time-consuming and resource-demanding implementations, and instead deploy RMSX quickly to reach their goals faster.

Does the industry see the pandemic as an opportunity to create new values, new way of operating and generating revenue? I think so. I’m curious to see what other innovative solutions will emerge and be adopted in the long term. Are you?

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