"OneControl and the environment"- ADB SAFEGATE´s Christian Woborsky talks sustainability and integrated Controller Working Positions (ICWP) at Airspace World in Geneva, Switzerland

GENEVA. Join us at Airspace World 2024 in Geneva next week to hear from Christian Woborsky, Product Manager of OneControl at ADB SAFEGATE. During his presentation at the Boeing Theatre, Christian will be showcasing how OneControl´s advanced technology and algorithms are enhancing air traffic control´s environmental impact. Discover the daily advantages and emission reductions achieved through precise calculations. Make sure to mark your calendar!

OneControl and the environment

ADB SAFEGATE´s Product Manager of OneControl, Christian Woborsky is one of the Boeing Theatre session speakers at Airspace World in Geneva next week. Christian will give his presentation “OneControl and the environment ” on Wednesday, March 20 from 1:00pm to 1:25pm (CET). During the presentation he will talk about how ADB SAFEGATE´s  Integrated Controller Working Position (ICWP) OneControl supports in controlling traffic at and around airports in a more environmentally friendly way by using advanced technology and algorithms. He will also show use case to demonstrate day-to-day applicability and benefits derived combined with accurate calculations of emission reductions.

The Integrated Controller Working Position from ADB SAFEGATE

ADB SAFEGATE´s Integrated Controller Working Position, OneControl, is a truly integrated solution bringing all systems required by air traffic and apron controllers in their daily work onto a single screen. The next level Integrated Controller Working Position offers a single-screen display of all the data air traffic and apron controllers need in their daily work. OneControl’s capabilities such as advanced safety net solutions, integrated workflow support and enhanced routing and guidance ensure controllers get the vital information they need, clearly and at the right time, without distraction.

One Control

The biography of Christian Woborsky

Christian Woborsky has been working with ADB SAFEGATE for 20 years on projects around the globe and his biography shows an experienced expert in Air Traffic Control:

– Software Engineer
– Three decades Air Traffic Control in Austro Control
– Two decades ATC instructor
– Two decades head of Tower and Approach Vienna
– Project Lead in numerous projects (third RWY Vienna, CDM implementation, new ATC TWR, DMAN implementation, electronic flight strips)
– International cooperation (ICAO, EASA, CANSO, Eurocontrol)
– Responsible for ENV affairs in Austro Control for 15 years
– University study of Aviation Management and Law

Visit us at Airspace World in Geneva on March 19-21 for a demo. See you there!

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