APRON. On-time performance is a core KPI across all airports and airlines and it is a main driver in business cases for both airside and landside digital environments. To provide better predictability of operations and to help bring the elasticity required to ensure a consistent level of safety, productivity, efficiency, and passenger experience – ADB SAFEGATE has introduced the Intelligent AiPRON as a platform for a holistic, intelligent approach to apron management.

Holistically managed apron provides better predictability of operations

Intelligent AiPRON embodies ADB SAFEGATE’s vision for a smarter, safer and seamless apron operation, contributing significantly to the efficiency of airport operations. It automates the docking and turnaround processes to ensure optimal safety and efficiency. Leveraging machine learning within a unified ecosystem, it streamlines operations from taxiing to pushback ensuring timeliness and reducing conflicts.

Managing the apron holistically provides better predictability of operations.

From the 2022 Airport Digitization proof of concept at Dallas Ft. Worth International Airport led by the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE), ADB SAFEGATE and other partners to demonstrate the feasibility of the Intelligent Apron.


As part of ADB SAFEGATE’s Airside 4.0 strategy, Intelligent AiPRON offers a modular, easily deployed software suite that enhances operational decision-making through real-time data analytics and augmented intelligence which include these key functionalities.

  • Integrated Real-Time Data: Harmonizes flight schedules and essential operations data.
  • AI-Enabled Surveillance: Allows remote monitoring of apron activities.
  • Dynamic Situational Awareness: Uses augmented aerial maps for immediate operational insights.
  • Conflict Resolution: Streamlines management of operational incidents.
  • Predictive Analytics: Enhances planning and performance with forward-looking insights.

Developed in close collaboration with our customers, our Intelligent AiPRON portfolio includes five add-on software modules that are easy to deploy via a unified web portal:

  • AiPRON Manager – Collects and presents real-time intelligence for apron operational performance.
  • AiPRON 360 – Smart solution to manage aircraft turnaround activities from landing to take off.
  • AiPRON Resource – AI-driven and KPI-focused stand and gate resource allocation solution.
  • AiPRON Connect – Integration solution for scheduling and tracking usage of ground service equipment.
  • AiPRON Finance – Apron-focused aeronautical revenue calculation and invoicing solution.

The future of fully-automated aircraft docking moves a step closer 

Our Safedock X and FleX Advanced Visual Docking Guidance Systems (A-VDGS) are a key part of the Intelligent AiPRON, ensuring safe, fast and precise aircraft parking every time, and acting as intelligent sensors to collect and distribute real-time gate intelligence and accurate flight information between stakeholders. Integration and clear information displays keep all personnel informed to help deliver on-time departures.

By increasing efficiency through AI- driven analytics systems, sensors and IoT solutions, apron operations can be managed to meet environmental regulations and airport and airline sustainability goals.

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