VIDEO. Thorben Burghardt leads the Service and Asset Management Department at ADB SAFEGATE. In the past when airfield maintenance was often a separate organization, it existed in a silo . With new technologies and new business models this is now changing.  Watch the video where Thorben talks about automating maintenance at airports.

The role of maintenance is changing

In the past maintenance was a separate organization and it was living on its own. Nowadays the calculation of the cost of the airfield assets is done in a different way so the cost of keeping the equipment alive takes a much higher role in deciding for one or the other supplier or one or the other product. All the information which the maintenance department collects, feeds back into the sales process and that is why this presentation can be interesting for quite a broad audience, a quite broad audience.

Service Driven Customer Experience

Service Driven Customer Experience

The basis for automating things is to digitize them which simply means to go from analog to digital data and then you must make information out of that data which is then digitization.

The combination of drones and robots brings us a new potential

With new technology like drones and robots, the maintenance work can be more easily documented. This is of importance for insurance and certification reasons, but it also compensates some of the work which humans do not want to do in the future. An approach to have for the future may therefore be to ask ourselves the question: How do we use the human resources in the best and most efficient way? How can new technology help and ease our work? What tasks are possible for drones, robots etc. to perform and what are the qualitative work that still needs to be executed by humans?

Watch the full  presentation

This year at inter airport Munich, ADB SAFEGATE introduced the Presentation Theater to bring forward our experts within our key domains and share our knowledge and visions with the wider audience in the industry. This was an open event, where anyone visiting the fair could stop by and listen to a 15 minute presentation on how the industry is evolving and how ADB SAFEGATE is contributing. Watch the video where Thorben Burghardt, Director Service and Asset Management shares his thoughts about “Airside Maintenance – Drones, Robots & Predictability”. Watch the full video below:

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