Meet the ADB SAFEGATE Middle East team in Muscat, Oman at ACI Airports Innovate .

MUSCAT. We are thrilled to be part of the ACI Airports Innovate in Muscat, Oman, a global aviation event centered around innovation and hosted by Oman Airports in Muscat from 20-22 November 2023. Meet the ADB SAFEGATE Middle East Team at our booth 49 as we showcase innovative solutions and engage in meaningful conversations about the future of aviation. We are looking forward to connecting with you!

Dynamic Think Tank – Reveal the Future
ACI Asia-Pacific & Middle East, ACI EUROPE, and ACI World today kick off a global aviation event centred around innovation. ACI Airports Innovate will capture the latest innovations that are transforming the global airport industry and the theme of the event is “Dynamic Think Tank – Reveal the Future”.

The aviation industry has always been a pioneer in innovation, continuously pushing the boundaries to enhance efficiency and elevate the airport experience. In this ever-evolving landscape of airports, innovation is the driving force behind progress, from operational advancements, cost efficiencies, enhanced customer experience and stakeholder alignment to sustainable and decarbonized infrastructure

Airside 4.0
At ADB SAFEGATE we are proud to be leading the way with innovative and smart Airside 4.0 solutions that turn airports into smart airports, empowering airports and their stakeholders to achieve their goals for improved performance, carbon neutrality and enhanced passenger experience.

  • With Airside 4.0, we are providing a roadmap to an interconnected and truly intelligent airside that will allow airports to increase airside safety and availability, improve operational efficiencies, minimize disruption and uncover advanced maintenance strategies to transform their operations.
  • Airside 4.0 will equip airports with a digital version of their airside, allowing them to replicate the behavior and performance of their physical assets in real time. A new era of digital technolgies, data analytics and collabortive processes will provide valuable insights to improve decision making, and automation will optimize airport operations and greatly improve safety.
  • The value of airside digitalization is unlimited as ADB SAFEGATE partners with airports and airlines worldwide to find solutions that meet the challenges aviation faces today.

Digital transformation and Airside 4.0 technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT), can unleash the power of data, automation and predictability to provide airports with actionable insights to enhance airside operations.

ADB SAFEGATE envisions an intelligent airside with interconnected systems and physical assets and will continue to take connectivity strategies into the future, finding new models for IoT device applications, additional data telemetry, and new analytical tools that will provide solutions at airports.

We are looking forward to connecting with industry leaders and enthusiasts!

Meet the ADB SAFEGATE Middle East Team at our booth 49 during November 20-22.

Meet ADB SAFEGATE at the ACI Airports Innovate event in Muscat, Oman.

ADB SAFEGATE is a company that provides integrated solutions to airports, a-irlines, and ANSPs.  We are proud to be leading the way with innovative and smart Airside 4.0 solutions that turn airports into smart airports, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the passenger experience. Solutions include airfield lighting, power and control systems, airport and tower software, docking automation, apron management, and aftermarket services.  With over 1,400 employees and over 2,700 airports in over 175 countries, from the busiest and largest to the fastest-growing airports, ADB SAFEGATE is dedicated to making air travel safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly.