At the start of the decade, the International Airport of Geneva decided to renovate its old parallel Airfield lighting circuits and employ a safer and more reliable architecture using series circuits. The single runway has 9 taxiway entries and the original design was to use interleaved circuits for each Stop-bar with two CCR’s per stop bar.

 Savings using ASP-SafeControl and SafeLED
ADB SAFEGATE provided a large saving by using the ASP-SafeControl solution. The ASP-SafeControl solution makes it possible to go from 18 CCR´s and 18 circuits to simplify the installation using only 4 addressable circuits, this equals an estimated total saving of 140 000€. At the same time, the authority (AIG) decided to take the advantage of energy saving aspects enabled by the LED technology and for this project the SafeLED IQ solution was the right answer at Geneva International Airport.

Part of the safety protection barrier, each runway entry is equipped with Aircraft detectors (MBD – Microwave Barrier Detector) to indicate Runway incursion and allow a faster sequence for the Stop-bar operation. At a later stage, these detectors will be integrated as part of the A-SMGCS.

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