Digitizing the apron is one of the key challenges in the transformation of airport operations. ADB SAFEGATE’s Gate Team is partnering with several stakeholders orchestrating an end-to-end solution, driving the holistic apron view. The latest research and innovation outcome of such a partnership has been recently published by ‘Aircraft Commerce’ in the article ‘WheelTug self-taxi system prepares for 2021service entry.

The article describes how ADB SAFEGATE automates gate operations leveraging its A-VDGS technology and SafeControl Apron Management (SAM) product suite. It details how ADB SAFEGATE and WheelTug are working to interface their systems, so that the pilot knows when to turn, stop and identify if the aircraft is on the centreline. This alone drives safety, operational stability and sustainability. And, the solution goes beyond that as ADB SAFEGATE can leverage real-time data capture, big data and predictive analytics. This, when used in combination with WheelTug, will maximize ground operational efficiency.

A great project adding multi-dimensional value to gate operations. Thanks to all participants and enjoy the article.

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