TRAINING ACADEMY. We are thrilled to release a new training for experienced airfield technicians. This 3-day training program aims at making sure airfield primary circuits are maintained properly and that unexpected issues are addressed in an optimal way. The first occurrence was successfully delivered by Joel Van Campenhout. We are now ready for more sessions!

Any malfunction in airfield ground lighting systems can result in severe operation & safety consequences. Therefore, airports need expert senior airfield ground lighting technicians able to quickly identify and fix any issue on AGL equipment, including primary series circuits.

The Series Circuit Troubleshooting Training program is one solution for airfield circuit issues. This program is designed to equip senior airfield ground lighting technicians with the necessary skills to detect and fix any fault that may arise in the equipment.

  • During the three-day program, technicians learn how to measure and analyze insulation resistance, troubleshoot the circuit by locating grounds, ungrounded shorts, and open field circuits. These skills are critical for ensuring that every part of the airfield’s ground lighting equipment is in proper working condition and reduce the risk of runway downtime and operation disruption.
  • In addition, the program covers several aspects of primary connectors: failure, proper and water-tight installation, and maintenance. Technicians will learn the fundamentals of airfield circuit installation and upkeep, ensuring that the equipment is always functioning correctly.
  • To make the training more effective, the course also includes advanced fault-finding techniques such as time-domain reflectometry for cable discontinuity location, use of surge generators, and burn units. These techniques help identify complex issues and allow technicians to implement quick and long-lasting fixes, improving overall efficiency at the airports.

Enrolling in the Series Circuit Troubleshooting Training program will give airports the confidence that they have the best senior airfield ground lighting technicians that ensure the smooth and safe operation of commercial aviation.

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