ADB SAFEGATE TRAINING ACADEMY Quentin during AGL course online

ADB SAFEGATE TRAINING ACADEMY. Adapting to the times we live in! This past 2 weeks, we have had the pleasure to host the AGL design course, delivered online by our ADB SAFEGATE team of highly knowledgeable airfield design engineers and control systems engineers. A big thank you to our trainers and all participants!

Delivering an online course was not a tough task for our experts. We thank our attendance for the interesting interactive discussions and their heartwarming comments. It pulls us to deliver many more!

A big thank you to our trainers Thomas Harboe, Giulia Parantelli, Carlos Rodríguez Domene, Hans Servaes and Nelson Van de Velde!

Our courses are available live and online, do not hesitate to contact us at for more information!

During any course, our priority remains to take care of the participants and of our people’s health by observing anytime the COVID-19 prevention measures in place. We are always committed to help locally if there is no travel restriction to and from the destination.


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